ET 20lb Billet Supercharger Wheel SVHO GEN 2


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Yamaha SVHO E-T S/C Wheel

ET 20LB  GEN2 Billet Supercharger Wheel

Yamaha SVHO FZR FZS S/C  20lb GEN2 15 g lighter

Race proven the ultimate limited Supercharger wheel. 

Engine-tech has been working on this update and is now complete. The results are better that the old 19 lighter 15g less heat out and increased midrange and top-end. Better performance with longer clutch life. 20 lbs of boost @ 8500 rpm. Machined using  5 axis CNC machining center allows a  blade accuracy of .0002. Balance to a spec of .009 inch gram and comes completely anodized gold for protection against the elements(corrosion resistant).

Requires an aftermarket shaft.