RRP Steering system for Fat bars


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Steering system for 28.6mm fat bars – BLACK, RED, BLUE, GREEN and SILVER This RRP AST (Advanced Steering Technology) steering system has been designed for all types of riding from Freestyle to racing and from freeride to the recreational rider. Each rider will find benefits in this concept. The concept behind this steering system has many features: • To bring the rider closer to the pivot point • Less movement to turn the bars (quicker steering ratio) • Lowers the center of gravity • Multiple bar position allowing the rider to perfect their riding style • Fits all stand up watercraft due to the movable steering cable arm • Slotted steering arm allows for extremely precise steering ratio adjustments • Utilizes the fat bar 28.6 mm technology for better clamping surface • The system uses bearings and is o-ring sealed • Grease Zerk fitting to grease the bearing system for easy maintenance • 100% Compatible with all RRP carbon chin pads