ET 137X4mm CR Seadoo 15PSI 255/260


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ET 137 4MM CR Drop in Wheel for the 255/260. Light edition Billet impeller with 4mm spacer. This is a completely new design from the ground up taller blade hight, lighter, New aggressive blade geometry. There is no other drop-in Wheel that is even close to the acceleration and boost of this ET S/C impeller setup. You will have to add a fuel pressure regulator. Not included. most all 260's come with 48lb injectors. If you have a 255 then you may also have to add 48lb injectors depend on the year. Not included.

13 to13.5lb of boost @ 8100 rpm and 15lb + @ 8500rpm

(Clutch slip must be set to 15-foot lbs and 48lb injectors.) Includes 4mm spacer.