JP Racing Oil Catch Can - Yamaha

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Our oil catch can eliminates power-robbing blow by fumes and oil vapor from your engine's air intake tract. Also improves intercooler efficiency by preventing an oil sludge coating that saturates the inside of the intercooler. Excess oil vapor is routed to our stainless steel catch can where it collects for draining via petcock valve. Our catch cans are hand made in the USA!

*Make sure your oil level isn't overfilled. This will cause Excess crank case pressure, this will fill the oil catch can and may spill oil over into the hull. Keep oil level just under the  top bend of your oil stick.

Check and drain during your service interval. We recommend 25 hours.

Kit includes:

Black Breather Filter

Stainless Steel Catch Can

3/4 Hose

Brass Petcock drain

JP Racing Oil Catch Can - Yamaha
JP Racing Oil Catch Can - Yamaha