LinQ Lite Console Bag 295100985


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Compact splash-proof bag keeps contents safe and dry. Conveniently out of the way when stored on the front of the console, on the Seat Corner Backrest and on the railing. Bright yellow inner liner with removable divider makes items easy to organize and find quickly. Mesh pocket keeps smaller items easily accessible. Integrated vehicle key holder provides convenient storage for the D.E.S.S key when not in use. 2.6 US Gal (10L) capacity. Installation on the console requires LinQ Lite Multi Holder (295100977). Installation on the Seat Corner Backrest requires LinQ Lite Holder for backrest (295101044) when not standard on the vehicle. Installation on the vehicle railing requires LinQ Lite Holder for rail (295101002).

Fits On: Switch, Switch Cruise, Switch Sport