WORX SX-R 800 2003 / 11


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Deeply scooped grate for better hook up. Perfectly matched to enable easy installation.
The Worx Intake Grate is a must for anyone wanting to get the best from their new SX-R. In testing, we discovered that with the OEM grate, the boat lost hook up in anything but flat calm water. Many State and World titles have been won by riders using this intake grate.
The WR222 gives the boat the pump loading it needs by holding the boat on the water and keeping the pump driving in even the roughest water and in the surf. The two bars running the full length of the boat hang down the full legal IJSBA limit of 12mm (1/2") stopping the back from sliding out, the center blade of the grate does most of the work in the straights and the side wings come into play in the corners to keep the pump fully loaded and driving.

WORX SX-R 800 2003 / 11 - Broward Motorsports Racing
WORX SX-R 800 2003 / 11 - Broward Motorsports Racing