WORX Yamaha Engine Cooling Kit


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Suits all SVHO Yamaha models including 2018+ models with updated pump strainer

WORX Racing Yamaha 1.8 engine cooling upgrade kit provides the much needed ‘extra cooling’ when modifying your watercraft. Our WORX Racing cooling kit allows the addition of an extra water line from the Jet unit which feeds directly into the Yamaha 1.8 engine block to significantly lower engine temperatures under load to increase engine reliability and performance. Hi-flow intake screen allows for an increase in water flow levels to all engine and associated components.

Kit includes all necessary fittings, hoses, gaskets and clamps, bolts you need.  

1/2 inch hose and fittings. Suitable for Stock and mild and heavily modified applications (eg. filter, reflash, upgrade supercharger, etc.)

A must for skis with re-programmed ECU and higher RPM limit, or operating in hotter climates.