Yamaha Oil Catch-Can

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Worx's new Yamaha Oil Catch-Can collects excess oil vapors that would otherwise pass through your engine's air intake. The oils condense in the Catch-Can for easy periodic emptying through our convenient, bottom-mounted brass drainage plug. This catch-can is extremely easy to install and can either be used in conjunction with our recommended performance Yamaha Air Filters or as a standalone solution with OEM parts.


Extend the life of your ski and maintain performance with this affordable catch-can, a must for any PWC rider that wants to look after their ski!

✓ - Ensures Consistent Performance

✓ - Improves Engine Efficiency

✓ - Aluminium Billet Construction

✓ - Convenient Bottom Mounted Drainage Plug

✓ - Fast & Easy Installation

Yamaha Oil Catch-Can
Yamaha Oil Catch-Can
Yamaha Oil Catch-Can